Updating Input fields whith 'Auto-binding' enabled

I need to create/update a company details, so the data should be uploaded from the database. For that I enable ‘Auto-Binding…’ feature.
But, the problem is when I want to create new company or update existing one, these input fields don’t show the ‘place holder’ text (instead “Lorem Ipsum…”) and when tabing through the input fields the data that I wrote resets.
How can I solve this problem?

Didn’t any one encountered that problem?
How to get data from database and update it?

I’ve never experienced that. That must be New ‘feature’ or you may have that in your test data

Normally it would show the placeholder when the thing to autobind to field the input is set to update is empty or the value of the field when it is not…I’ve never seen it use lorem ipsum when the field value is empty in the database.