Updating linked Data types

Hi All
I’m a Bubble day 7 newbie, though do have several years knowledge of SQL databases.

I have three tables

  • User which holds user data
  • Events which holds details of all events (event title, start date, start time etc)
  • EventShift which is a linked table which holds a linked table to events and linked table to users (neither are lists).

So if a user wishes to volunteer for a shift there is a new thing created which holds an event id and a user email.
I can manually enter a record into the eventTickets datatype by pasting a valid unique ID from the events table (if I try entering any invalid number it won’t accept it so I suspect my data relationshiop is OK), but I’ve created a very simple test form which has data of type event and which I can select an event, click a button and this passes as a URL parameter via workflow,( the event unique ID), this opens a page which retrieves the event id and then attempts to create a a new thing . However when I try to Create a new eventShift record by inserting the URL parameter the issue checker errors with
"Create a new EventShift value should be event but right now it is Text.
So my question is
What is the correct way to do this ? Is it URL parameters .
I don’t understand how I can paste in a valid number from manual entry but not by using dynamic data in the workflow.
Thanks in Advance

Are you doing this across 2 separate pages? If so, is that really necessary (what purpose does the second page serve?)…

If you keep it all on a single page it’s much simpler, you can just use the Event directly in the workflow (no need for URL parameters)…

If you must do it on 2 pages, then you can use URL parameters in one of 2 ways…

  1. You can just read the URL parameter (which I’m guessing is the Event’s Unique ID), then search for Events who’s unique ID matches the URL parameter (in which case the Parameter Type will be text).

  2. You can set the parameter Type to Event, in which case Bubble will do the rest for you.

Genius!! Thank You. I didnt need to do it across two pages and one works fine. As a newbie I’m over thinking things :grinning:

Thanks again

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