Updating other repeating group Things based on 'status change'

I have an app that is essentially a To Do list. On creation, the app is automatically creating 3 things (tasks) and assigning them to that user. These results are based on what that user selected in their account creation. These tasks are being shown within a repeating group - with filters that only show those tasks assigned to the current user. Within the task, the user can change it’s status depending on the outcome of completion (i.e. Accepted, Declined, etc.).

My question: If a person selects Accepted on 1 task, I want the other task’s statuses to be changed to a new status of Cancelled. I was thinking this could be done within a workflow of when they select the Accepted status button, but I cannot figure out how to do this. Do you have any suggestions?

I have tried backend workflows, but I am unsure I fully understand their functionality.

When they click “Accepted” have in the workflow “Make changes to a thing, Current cell’s Task” and change the field Status = Accepted. Then for your step 2 do “Make changes to a list of things”, type “Task,” then change the Repeating group’s Tasks:minus item Current cell’s Task" and make the Status = Cancelled

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@tylerboodman Thanks so much!

If I wanted this list change to ignore certain records with specific statuses (i.e. Things with a Closed status), how would I add to that workflow to do this?

Would you only want it to only change Tasks with a single status like “Pending” or is there multiple you would want it to ignore?

@tyler11 This is where it gets a little confusing. I have 2 separate types of tasks: Referral and Normal - they are distinguished by a yes/no field of is_referral. Only those with “yes” referrals have the Task response option of ‘Accepted.’ When someone selects ‘Accepted’, I want only those marked as “yes” is_referral to change. So, essentially, I would want this change to ignore those tasks that have “no” is_referral.

Okay that’s easy just change step 2’s list to “Repeating group’s Tasks”:filtered then make a constraint “is_referral = yes”, then do :minus item “Current cell’s Task”

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