Updating profile and losing previous data


Hope all is well. When I select ‘preview’ mode to edit a profile already made I lose previous data for that profile. How do I able bubble to allow me to just edit (touch up) a few details without it erasing old details.

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Hi there, @weishanchan… some screenshots would definitely help with troubleshooting, but if you are “losing” data as part of making changes to a thing, the first thing that comes to mind is that you could be overwriting fields with blank values by including all fields in the update. Could that be what’s happening?


Hi @weishanchan ,

While make changes to the user on workflow you should specify the particular field to update the change, don’t include all fields.

I have User account page, just edit the first name then you can use bind field/ just update this field alone.

Thank you for your replies, I took into account what you both suggested and it seems to be working well now. Thank you!

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