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Profile Pages - need help!

I have a profile page and would like a user to enter their information/details, click save, save the data, but the data remains on the page.

What workflow setting should I use to make this happen?

make a new step in the workflow and look for something like elements -> reset data or reset element or clear elements…i don’t recall what it’s called off the top of my head, but its there

Thank you for your reply!

I tried the reset data but that’s not giving me what I need. I need the data to be saved and remain on the page not cleared out or the fields reset.

have you dont the interactive tutorials yet?

click lessons on the top toolbar. start from the top left and make your way down.

Yes - absolutely, there are still some holes but for the most part I have what I need.

Since we’re on that topic… one thing that I didn’t see in the training is when I test my site out in preview mode, I’m getting “Lorem ipsum” in my text field with the initial content of “Current Page xyz” set.

Any reason I’m getting that or is that just a preview mode thing?

It means you haven’t passed any data to that page. So if you’re referencing “Current User’s First Name” in a text field, the page is going to give you a Lorem Ipsum if you aren’t logged in as a user.

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