Updating state with search filter from checkbox - how?


I’m building a search page with the help of Algolia. With Algolia I use facets, this is essentially filters. I have listed all the filters (wine type) in a repeating group on the right like this:

When a user checks one of the boxes I set a custom state like this:

This works great! But the problem shows up when a user selects more then one filter… It has to be formatted like this:
(classification-subProductTypeName: ‘Musserende vin’ OR classification-subProductTypeName: ‘Hvitvin’)
How would you guys solve this “OR” operation? My filter looks like this now:

Anyone? Maybe @ZeroqodeSupport?

Hello, @alexander2. Thanks for your question.

I suppose the problem is you get no result in return? Can you please check this documentation first:

And this forum post:

Zeroqode Team