Search with multiple fields


Can someone share how you make searchbox with multiple searching fields and search result.
I tried multiple rg groups that combine result in one rg and algolia search.
UI of rg groups is not great and algolia seems to be exprensive when you need to update data right away.

Any other ways?


I created a few custom states that hold the search criteria for a single RG that shows the data. The display list in the RG is linked to the custom states. When the user changes one (or more) of the search criteria, change the custom state for that search criteria-the RG updates automatically. In this way you don’t need multiple RG even if you have multiple criteria.

So you are preload data to that state when page loads or how it works?

I load the unfiltered data first when the page loads. If you set the RG to ext. vertical or vertical scrolling, it loads the data as the user scrolls.

If you don’t have too many records, you can make the search look instantaneous by loading unfiltered data in a custom state that’s a list. Then on subsequent searches, set the RG’s display list in a workflow to the filter applied to the list in the custom state. That means you load the raw data only once, and makes the filtering near instant. It has worked for me with about 100-200 records, you might want to test what happens with more records. If course if your raw data is in thousands, you probably don’t want to put it in a custom element list.

yeah, ~200,000 that’s too much to load in state on page load.

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