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Updating Stripe subscription quantity

Hi @emmanuel

moving to the forum…and have updated some text below to better explain my issue

I am struggling to get the following working and need some help.

I have set up a single subscription plan in Stripe as such:

To test this,I have 2 buttons that triggers two workflows with the same ‘subscribe user to plan’ action.

The first button subscribes the user to the plan with a Quantity parameter of 2

this successfully subscribes the user to the plan:

I have another button which triggers a ‘subscribe user to plan’ with a quantity paramater of 1 (the objective is to update the quantity):

This prompts the user to re-enter their credit card details (which is not what I want) and furthermore subscribes the user again to a single plan.

I want to simply update the subscription.

If the second action subscribes the user to a single plan that’s what you’re trying to achieve. If you want to unsubscribe the user, just use a cancel plan action.


so help me understand, what you’re saying is…

if a user is signed up to a plan twice and wishes to update it’s subscription to one, we have to completely cancel the plan and re-subscribe with the revised quantity of 1?

if so, this will prompt the user to re-enter the CC details again, which is not ideal, specially when the user is removing a subscription (not adding), it doesn’t make sense to prompt the user to re-enter details again.

I was under the impression that if the user is already signedup to a plan, executing the ‘subscribe user to a plan’ again with a revised quantity parameter simply updates the subscription, is that not the case?

@georgeciobanu FYI

According to the Stripe API, a new subscription object is created when updating the quantity, which is exactly the behavior I am seeing.

In my case, I have no requirement to create more than 1 plan. And I am happy to cancel the user’s prior plan before “updating the subscription” to a new plan object with a revised quantity. But would like not to prompt user to re-enter CC details again.

Further reading the Update Subscription doco from Stripe API, if I understand it correctly, this can be achieved if the source parameter is passed, which is essentially the default CC details recorded at the original subscription.

can I confirm that the source is being passed when calling this from Bubble?

This would really stop me from pulling my hair out and avoid anyone else from doing so when they come across the same issue :slightly_smiling:

@Rogelio you are doing the right thing, we have a fix and will let you know via email once we deploy.

The fix is live.

thanks @georgeciobanu

I can confirm that it is working perfectly!

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This is the response I received from Stripe support when asked about splitting subscription payments.

Stripe support:

“You can definitely split the subscription payment between you and a connected account. You’ll want to do this by taking an application fee, where a certain percentage of the payment will go to your account (minus Stripe fees), and the rest will go to your connected account. If you’re doing this through the API, you would consult our docs ( ). However, since you’re using Bubble with Stripe, you’d have to check with them on whether this behavior is something they allow. You can send them the above link to make sure they know exactly what behavior you’re looking for!”

Is the ability to specify an application fee missing from the Bubble action?

This is critical in order to get subscription split-payments working.

Hi Rogelio,

It’s not missing, we simply didn’t add it. We can look into adding it, how does it impact your progress?

Hey @georgeciobanu

I can continue to work on other things that’s no problem.

Just want to know that it will be enabled?

Yes, we’ll do it at some point. I’ll shoot a note when ready.

Has this been updated yet? Or is there another plugin that can accomplish Split Transactions?

Nevermind. I see it!!!