[Upgrade to Bubble Version 27] Data Triggers initiated by autobinding inherit timezone information from the browser

We’re launching a new Bubble version to fix timezone inheritance on auto-binding, so when you autobind an input to a Thing and have a data trigger run when that Thing changes, the data trigger will inherit the timezone from the browser.

Currently, if you autobind an input to a Thing, and have a data trigger that runs when that Thing changes; that data trigger does not inherit the timezone from the browser, and instead runs the data trigger in the server timezone (UTC by default). However; if you use the Modify Thing action, the data trigger does inherit the timezone from the browser and runs the data trigger in the browser context.

This behavior is now fixed in the new Bubble version.

When upgrading to BV 27, please be mindful of where you’re using autobinding and data triggers.


Hi @grace.hong , just so you now the link in the settings->version tab send us to the version 26 post … :slight_smile:

Hi @grace.hong , what other modifications have you done to the autobinding function?

(pre-emptive: I’m also asking Tiptap to help me here, but I think I’m stuck between the 2 platforms. Any help would be appreciated)

My rich text editor (aka Tiptap) plugin’s autobind is currently broken. Whenever I run…

instance.publishAutobinding(some content)

… it saves the content to the database and then wipes the editor’s content.

Naturally I thought it was a Tiptap problem, not a Bubble problem. Yesterday I spent tons of time trying to find the root cause. The closest I got was to figure out that this is the last working version: v2.7.1, you can see it working here (editor).

I copied that code to my plugin environment, tried to run it. Nope, doesn’t work. The same exact code, pulling the same libraries didn’t work.

Could it be a Bubble problem?

  • Were there other changes that you introduced to autobinding?
  • How does autobinding work under the hood? Any insights that you could share?
  • Does publishAutobinding behave differently on test apps?

Other things I tried:

  • reading / copying / mimicking code from Bubble’s Rich Text Editor, from @Thimo 's Editor.js plugin
  • I turned off all the other code on the plugin’s onUpdate hook
  • added / removed a debounce or throttle function
  • manually called publishAutobinding
  • tried to call without using dynamic data
  • many different versions of the Tiptap libraries
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