Upgrading Bubble Plan and buying plugins

I have a couple of questions.

When l first joined Bubble l signed in on a Hobby Plan. I used my 3 templates to play around with. While l was in my one of the templates, l upgraded to Person Plan and everything is good with that. However when l go to my other 2 templates, they are still stuck in the Hobby Plan. If l try to upgrade them it looks as if l will be charged again for the upgrade. I don’t think it should be like that so l must be doing something wrong. If not, how do l upgrade to something l already paid for and if l upgrade again to Professional, will have have to do again?

The other question is about the buying a plugin. I assume it’s just attached to app l am creating to if l create another app, l will have to purchase again. Correct?

Any answers appreciated.

Price is per App.

The subscription fee is on a per app basis, so if you have three apps, you’d need three plans. Similar for plugins…you’re paying for that plugin to be used in a specific app.