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So I've just upgraded to the Professional Plan

So I’ve just upgraded to the Professional Plan.

I can’t say enough great things about Bubble, I’m constantly going wow this so cool, I could do this and that, I could build this and that. I’ve so many ideas that I just want to build for fun.

It’s a amazing piece of craftmanship.

As a super uber non coder who doesnt know anything about code or anything that comes close to it, (didnt even know what a API was), I really feel empowered for the 1st time in my life to be able to build things on the web, and possibly mobile.

Anyway, my question about the Prof Plan is, on the Payment page there was a line saying that if we need more apps, we should reach out to support. Are more apps free or do they have a price? If so, what is the price for each additional app?

Thank you!


We add that to your monthly invoice, it’s $5/app/month.


Sounds fair.

Agreed it was a great move on bubbles part since it allows users to bridge the chasm between professional and the next level up.