Import template after app creation or move plugins?

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to either Import a template over an existing App (doesn’t matter if the existing app gets wiped of all its pages/workflows) or can transferring paid plugins from 1 app to another be possible?

I’ve got 2 Bubble accounts, 1 I use for business internal app and 1 for personal projects. I’ve created an app on the business account which I have some paid plugins but I started building an app on my personal account which was originally going to be for something else but has since become something I want to replace the business app with. I was thinking if I just create a template of the app on my personal account, can I then just put it on the marketplace and import it into my business app? If not I can create a new app on the business account using the template I’ll put on the marketplace but then is it possible to transfer paid plugins from the original app to the new one as a get-around?


Plugins are purchased in the app so can not transfer between apps.

Templates can be integrated by copying and pasting all elements, workflows etc.

Thanks for your reply - Copy/Paste it is then

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