CSV Upload -> List hits API -> Records Data -> Sends to Parabola


I’m new here and trying to figure out if a use case I have might work.

I have a data processing application I’m trying to rebuild in a quick time. I need to upload a CSV of structured data to a database where once it’s uploaded the individual records are sent to an external API, that API will return additional dynamic data in the form of a nested JSON object that I then need to store, parse, and then resend to another API for analysis.

Essentially the flow would work like this.

CSV Uploaded -> Table Created in DB -> Records are sent to API -> Returned Data is Turned into Table -> New Table is Parsed & Sent to API or Downloaded as new CSV.

Is this even remotely possible in Bubble.

Yes, I think this is possible.

But I’m guessing it’s been so long you’ve figured out a solution already?