Upload CVS Field not Mapping

I have a CSV uploading a bunch of fields to a table Name/Email/Start Date/Employer Name.

Everything maps and populates well, however Employer Name does not. Employer Name is “Employer Type”
Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 10.08.48 AM

and it seems that everything is good based on this:
Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 9.58.46 AM

but after I run Upload, that field is not populated. What am I missing here. Thanks!

You are uploading a CSV (comma separated values) which are just text and asking Bubble to map the text to a data type (Employer) which your CSV file is not uploading because the Employer data type is a Bubble ‘thing’ and not just text.

I do not know 100% or not if this might work, but if you have the unique ID of the Employer, maybe try replacing the name of the Employer with the unique ID of the employer in the CSV…I have never attempted this, and if it is possible, that is awesome, and if it is not possible, Bubble should enable it.

Otherwise, you would want to do what I usually have to do, which is create a data type that is a ‘temporary’ version of the data type you are uploading via CSV, and in that temporary version have the employer_name be TEXT…then once the upload is complete run a workflow to create the real data type and in doing so, for populating the employer_name with the Employer data type, do a search (or something else) to get the correct Employer ‘thing’ that matches the name…after that is created, delete the temporary data type used for the upload.

Thanks. Giving #2 a try. Gotta figure out how to loop through the new entries (from the CSV).

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