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Uploaded Files - A lot of garbage in my Database

Hi there !

Is there a way to list “uploaded files” inside APP? to delete those that are not “Private” ou associated to any other thing in Database?

It happens that users uploads a lot of “garbage”, since Bubble uploads just before a button’s action… Is there a reason for Bubble keeps working this way… Might I have not understood?

Tks in advance !!!

not in app but look at the file manager’s list of files in your app. taking that set ( the full set ) looking for the intersection of that set AND set of files having a reference from data tables meant to record uploads. After dropping out entries from the intersection, what remains are uploaded files having NULL entries in DB table meant to refer to uploads.

Tks rowntreerob, but…

In Repeating Groups is possible to select “files” as “Type of Content”
How can I use that? There is no Data Source for that… isn’t it?
Did I miss smthg? I wanna list all files inside my App to work with it…

File Manager, in theory is the source but that is theory and its a system data type not a user defined one and not bound to User data type.

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