Uploading a list of numbers seems to be in a strange order after uploading csv to database

I’m uploading a csv file of numbers (originally 1-500) and then I noticed it had placed a lot of the numbers in a different entry order rather than sequentially, so I tried with 50 and then 20. Still the same counting sequentially bug…

bubble interpretation

google sheets original

Is this a common issue when uploading to the bubble database with a google sheets .csv file?

The .csv itself opens fine on other applications

Anyway to ensure our data stays in sequence on small to medium lists like this or is this something I’m doing wrong? It seemed to successfully map and then validate the data and most of it is sort of in order so I’m not sure what I’d be doing wrong here.

Any insights welcome.

Hi @joe.sharpish,

The order in which the entries are added to the database is of no consequence. You have full control over the order in which entries appear whenever the data are viewed / retrieved. That’s done by simply specifying the sort field and direction.

That can even be done for the back-end admin view depicted in your screenshot by clicking the edit (pencil) icon of the corresponding database view on the left.

I can speculate as to why entries don’t necessarily get added in the order in which they appear in the source file, but it doesn’t really matter, since the order can be explicitly set.

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