Uploading & Deleting Data for a Temporary User

I have a free tool that uses a file uploader. It allows for non-registered users who are not logged in to test one of the features of my app.

Initially I thought I’d set a custom state to capture and present the data that is uploaded in a table, but the uploader requires a data type.

To accommodate this, I created a public data type (since the user is temporary and unregistered). How can I ensure only that users’ upload appears in that specific session?

I was thinking of capturing the user’s IP address and filtering the displayed data based on that OR using a temporary session cookie. Once the user closes the page, I want to delete the data, again without deleting data from another user’s session.

What’s the best way to achieve this?

Reference the built in field of Creator and have a constraint that does the search for your datatype and constrain by Creator equals current user…also look into how Bubble handles cookies and user created data

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Yep, Created by = Current User did the trick. Simplest solution is often the right one. Thanks, @boston85719!