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So I have built a very basic listing page and marketplace page. It’s function allows someone to upload a title, additional information and an image, which can then be viewed from my listing page. I built it like this becuase it was easy and I felt I could use it as my base for what I really need to build. My basic fuctionability is there:

INSTEAD of the “listings” (data) to go a general listing page, I need them to appear on a specific registered user on my app, almost as if it was “in their collection”. So essentailly I need to make it so whichever specific “user” is inserted in the upload, the specific data can only be seen on their version of the “collection/marketplace” page.

I hope that isnt too confusing and maybe someone can give me a few tips or pointers.


You can either connect the ‘listings’ datatype directly to the user, as a list, and then only display that user’s list of listings, or you can do a ‘search’ for listings with a constraint on the search to only return listings ‘created by’ the specific user.

Then you can display those specific cards on whatever pages you like, however you like.

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So I’m the only one that can use that upload tool, so when I upload the data, how do I ensure only one specific user can view that data on their “version of the site”. (thats why I added that “user” input with the upload, I want it to function as a guide for which users recieve that data) sorry I am not the most profiecient with bubble… Thanks again!

If you’re the only one who uploads the data then you can just select which user the listing is associated with (either from a dropdown menu, search box, or some other selectable element, or by matching an input to a user in the database).

You’ll need to have a separate field (if you don’t already) on the listings datatype (of type User) to store the associated user.

You might want to add the listings on a list field directly to the user, and then access the listings that way or, as I said before, you can just search for listings who’s associated User is the specific User associated with whatever page you’re displaying them on.

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Thanks! Awesome to know that there are super helpful people on this forum! I will try and pass it on one day!

Ok, can anyone help me out with this. I have my two different users set up. The data type for the “Ethan” Item is connected to ethans user account, and same with “daniel’s item” however when I run the page as “user daniel” or “user ethan” both item show up. I need to somehow assign this data creation so when users are logged in and view their “my collection” page, only data that is assigned to them appears.

What’s the data source for your repeating group?

You need to make sure only the data related to the user is being loaded - so either add a constraint on the search (user = current user) , or access the data directly from the user datatype (if it’s connected) (current user’s ‘data’).

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Adam you are the GOAT! Thank you sir!

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