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Uploading files to Google Drive - Drive API

Hi, there.
I am building an app that can upload files (pdf, png, jpg, docx, xlsx, pptx, etc.) to Google Drive.

I used the following Drive API for uploading.

When I sent the file as binary with Postman, the uploading succeeded and the file could be opened in Drive.

(But why is the file name “Untitled”?)

However, I can’t send binary by API Connector, right? I tried to send a file as form-data.

As a result, a response is returned, but the uploaded file cannot be opened in Google Drive.


(I did not set Content-Length because adding it would cause timeout.)

Is it possible to upload files from Bubble to Google Drive? Any advice would be appreciated.


Pretty sure when you upload a file you have to include its MimeType. I can see you’re MimeType is wrong when you’re file is Uploaded. It should be “text/plain”.

Thanks for your reply.
Yeah, I tried to upload the file with Content-Type as text/plain, but the result was the same as when I set it as application/json.

Both examples I see you’re using “application/json”. It must be “text/plain” for that type of file.
I’m not sure otherwise.

Thanks for the reply.
I did not attach an image, but I have also checked with text/plain. The result is the same as when set to application/json.

Your data type must be a file as well

Thank you! I tried it and this is the result…

Okay. Try this:

{ "parents": [ "<folderId>" ] , "mimeType": "<mimeType>", "name": "<fileName>" }

Use “Content-type: application/json” in your header like you were doing, use JSON as data type.

Use RAW body type.

In properties that have been created below:
Add your mimeType “text/plain” value.
Add your folderID “drive folder ID” value.
Add your fileName “output drive file name” value.

Thank you for your reply.

Hey, we took a step forward!
I was able to create the file, but have the following problems

  • The file name is still Untitled.
  • Raw data is saved as the body of the text file like below.

I believe we want to use Raw-form data, so we can still send a file with the payload. Rather than just the body. Cause that’s what’s missing. There is no file.

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Thank you for the reply.
So are you saying that I should send the file using “Form-data” at the same time I send the code I just sent in the body type “Raw”? (Is that what you mean by “Raw-form”?)
If so, how should I use two body type in ONE API call?
I am a beginner, so I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

I this thread is helpful as are some others but there are no definitive solutions to this issue… I am also still struggling to get Google Drive to recognise the file type and include a name for the file… anyone else have insights to this… it is doing my head in and the Google Developer manuals are not that useful to an API novice :slight_smile: