Upside down repeating group (Ext. vertical scrolling)

Hello everyone!

I’m facing a problem right now where I can’t rotate my repeating group upside down.
I have a repeating group (ext. vertical scrolling) on a floating group that shows the entries that the user made. but my problem is that when each new entry is created the repeating group adds the entry below the last one which makes it hard to see because it’s on a floating group so it kinda disappears at the bottom of the page.
Here’s some pics that would help understanding the situation.
Here’s my repeating group that shows the entries and below it is the input forms.

Here’s before the user makes any entries.

After the user has inserted 2 entries, you start to see the input forms disappearing at the bottom of the page
(Because it’s a floating group that’s stuck to the bottom of the screen)

After the 3rd entry, the input forms totally disappear as you see

My goal is to make the new entries show on top of the last entry not below it which I believe would be possible if I rotated the repeating group 180 degrees.

If you need a repeating group upside down maybe you can try this plugin:

Hope that helps!

Yeah actually I saw that but it’s not a free plugin and my project is voluntarily.
I’m looking for a in bubble solution or a free plugin.

The cool thing is you can just buy it once and own it for $25. Maybe worth the investment? If you spend even 2 hours of your time it’s probably worth it to buy the plugin. Anyways, probably the simplest option.

Maybe try this instead as a free option: 🔀 Reverse Repeating Groups for Chats - New Plugin from Zeroqode

I have tried this but it didn’t work
Here’s my steps

I have given the RG an ID

Then I created an HTML element and copied and pasted the expression

But when I preview it it still adds the entries below each other

5 options (quick theoretical list - haven’t tested for you):

  1. change the sort order of items in RG so the newest entries appear at top.
  2. if you are happy for the newest entries to be at the bottom, just add a step to your workflow to navigate to the last entry, or navigate to wherever your ‘add (plus icon) button’ is.
  3. Add a group (to act as a buffer) with no visible formatting between the bottom of your RG and bottom of your FG.
  4. If you don’t anticipate 100’s or 10’s of entries, you can change from vertical scrolling to ‘full list’. You can even just show x entries at a time with a ‘show more’ or next button.
  5. Use one of the paid plugins (as suggested above) that do what you want.

Good luck

I just found this option too as a free option to do an upside down repeating group for chat purposes. It seems to work well. The scrolling is a little weird but it seems to work. Worth looking at:

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