Upvoting App - how to show the posts by number of upvotes?


I’m creating an upvoting app, but I’m not sure how to show the posts by number of upvotes.
I followed the Product Hunt clone tutorial: How To Build A Product Hunt Clone Without Code - Bubble, where upvotes for each product are measured by a list of users.
How can I show the posts based on the number of users that upvoted a post?
Here a link to the app: Bubble | No-code apps

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Hi G,

This is a tricky one we solved a while ago.

You’ll need to create a sortable field (ie. a number) on the post type to sort the posts by.

Happy to help on this and walk you through, you can book a slot on my calendar here: 5+ Year SaaS Founder & Bubble Expert | TidyCal (you’ll only need 30 mins).


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Every time the a vote is created update the “sorting” number field that @help suggested.

Make sure that your repeating group sort descending “yes” using this number field.

This should do the trick


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