** urgent ** - app giving internal server error and crashing


Bubble has suddenly started crashing during a workflow run! This workflow has been stable for months, and I haven’t changed it.

This is URGENT - it is in a key part of my application and the remainder of the workflow doesn’t run. It happens during a simple database update.

Below are screenshots of the console when the app crashes. I have submitted bug report #6012.

However the problem is intermittent. I saw the same problem yesterday when a client was using my app and I thought they had an unstable internet connection. But now I know it was another occurrence of this bug.

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Was thinking it was me, but I also see some sudden change in API workflow and also run in error that didn’t see before (operation timed out). Also, app take a lot of time to load.

There doesn’t seem to be anything noted on status.bubble.is, but there is something funky going on with page load and/or database access speed.

My site at grupz.com has gone to a crawl (pages like https://grupz.com/bookwidget-embed/1533598513737x940983987061391400 which uses a pretty crazy repeating group are misbehaving) and I just had a user report of problem. I’ve not changed anything with this particular page.

Logged a bug report. Pages that shouldn’t be are throwing out-of-memory errors. Seen myself and been reported by users.

Also, as noted in bug report, while it may not be related to today’s problem, I remain EXTREMELY concerned about the massive numbers of “Uncaught Error: cast resulted in change” warnings that Bubble is throwing to the console. This simply can’t be helpful for performance.

Visit one of my widget pages, for example, and look at the console. It’s nothing but nonsense:

“Make it stahhhp,” he implored.

@keith, i tried to access your grupz link and its basically frozen my browser tab. Like 1000 error messages in matter of seconds.

It’s very unusual how @Bubble is quiet on such a widespread issue.
A simple update on this will have helped.

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Well, I complained about those console logs the other day. But yeah, I actually think that they are killing my app. @Bubble, halp. See my bug report, but you really need to kill these “information warnings used by your developers”. They are running amok and killing my production app.

I agree that we should have an update here too. This is a major issue.

It’s weird – it seems likely it’s been affecting my app for a couple of days, but I hadn’t seen it cause my production app to cause web browsers to die from out-of-memory. But that indeed is what is happening now.

I just find it very disrespectful that @Bubble hasn’t given us some form of assurance…

Seem that this may be hard to find the root issue but I think it’s related to specific unit/cluster. I duplicate one app that I have isisue and doesn’T have slow or timed out error (but keep the error in console but this is a different issue)

Well, I think they didn’t realize – as I didn’t – that it’s not just a minor nuisance, but that it is actually a thing that can bring down otherwise completely well-behaved apps. (My own is an example.)

I’m a lil’ pissed at myself for not checking this out sooner, but these notification haven’t just made my plugin development a pain, but they are actually causing my site (and my customers’ sites) to blow up user’s browsers.

It’s pretty bad.

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Doesn’t justify their silence I’m afraid.

We’re looking into it.



@emmanuel I was literally about to press send on a very desperate message to you and Josh. My entire career right now depends on my trust with you guys, and these last couple of days have felt really tough for some of us.

Thanks for being on the case!

Best wishes,

Did they actually say that? I have trouble trying to understand why would anyone add that kind of “dev feature” on a production system/cluster.

They are seemingly not errors. I started seeing little bits of these several months ago and asked about it. Was told they are warnings coming from the product intended for dev.

They are fine in moderation. And, of course, I LOVE me some console.logs… and use them extensively. But I mostly remove them for production.

On a very happy note: The offending messages are gone and my app works normally once again.

Thank you, @Bubble!

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