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Urgent! Data types have merged/deleted?!

Hi all,

Noticed one of my data things had changed its name yesterday (to another one of my data things). Didn’t think much of it so I changed the name back to what it should be and things were back to normal.

  • Two data things; Allocations and PurchaseOrders.
  • Allocations was renamed PurchaseOrders yesterday, so there were 2 things called PurchaseOrders.
  • Changed the name back to Allocations, quick look over the sub things looked fine.

Doing work today, and things aren’t looking good.

  • Allocations is missing a heap of sub data types, also contains duplicate types, also contains all of the PurchaseOrder types.
  • There are now 2 things called ‘Allocations’, with another one of my types (Allocation Class) being completely gone.

This app is live and being used by my organization right now! I’ve got no idea the extent this has on the live data, no complaints so far but all of the deleted types are definitely being used so I imagine it won’t be long.

I’m hoping this is just a bug in the backend!! Can make a copy of the app if needed, however the data itself is private (employee information).

EDIT: Missing data types don’t show up in the deleted things section, the ‘Allocation Class’ thing has returned with its sub data type.

EDIT2: ‘Allocation Class’ is gone again, replaced by a second ‘Allocations’. Used multiple browsers on multiple computers. Have emailed [email protected] so hopefully receive a response soon!

You might be better of emailing [email protected] for help.

No worries, thanks for that!