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Thing type disappearing

Hello Bubble community,

I once created a data type named COMPANY CATEGORY but all of sudden it disappeared and replaced with another category (REPAIRz REQUESTS). This is the third time this is happening. The disappeared type is not found under deleted items. Below is the image of what i am seeing under workflow.

When I experienced this issues the first time, it was about a type named COMPANY DETAILS. It disappeared the first time and was automatically replaced with type REPAIRz REQUESTS. I recreated the type COMPANY DETAILS again but it again disappeared and was replaced by type REPAIRz REQUESTS.

Anyone with an idea as what could be causing this?

From what you’re showing, it seems you’ve renamed the action, so what it’s displaying isn’t updated, and shouldn’t be compared to anything (COMPANY CATEGORY).

If you can find a pattern please file a bug report, that’s the best way.

Hey @Emmanuel, above mentioned problem happened again today and it affected two different types. See below error and see if it gives a clue of what could be the source.

Well that probably means you deleted a type. If you want help from the community you should post a link here to the editor.