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Urgent- Looking for expert to build mobile app (simple app)

a) Build an app which allow the user to refer to jobs and earn commission in Bubble
b) Screens of about 40 and 10 apis is required
c) Once the app is built and pushed to playstore, he/she can do a 10hour training for team

a)Experience in building mobile apps and used BDK to push the app to playstore
b) Experience in working on database, where the data is pushed to our database
(this can be figured out together)
c) Train the team

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Thank you everyone for the response. This was overwhelming. We are in the midst of concluding the assignment with one of the freelancer, hence not accepting any proposal here onwards. Appreciate your time and interest.
Apologies to those, i couldn’t reach out personally, since i had limited time. Would look forward to working in near future.

Thanks everyone!

Shweta, Jeevitam.

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