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[URGENT] Schedule workflow on a list - list is empty?!

Hi. I have a workflow api to schedule on a list of users, this will simply move the users channel in TeamSpeak.

For some reason, my workflow list continues to be totally empty.

As we can see here the Duty Unit’s User’s List is empty - yet in the app data, there are two people in this list. Why are they not displaying here?

Still not fixed.

I can help you fix that just email me on > [email protected]

Can you not help here for all to see?

ok check your privacy rules.

I am ignoring the privacy rules on the workflow - I have also removed all privacy rules from “User” to triple check.

Are you sure the the workflow is not running?.. the fact there there is a comma in the list to run on field suggests to me that there are, in fact, two Users in the list.

I thought this too, but yet the action is not happening that I’d expect. I’ll double check as this makes sense but I’m not sure why the action then isn’t running.

As an update this seems to be the case, the workflow is running twice so must be an issue with the actual workflow itself. Let me dig deeper.

Is there any issues that are evident here?

Is the workflow running?

What do the server logs say about it?

Final update - this was a confusing one but essentially it was a combo of incorrect APIs and typos that caused this - unfortunately this was all hidden by my confusion at the empty but unempty list lol.


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