Urgent: Seeking Skilled Bubble Expert to Resolve Critical App Issues

Seeking Bubble Expert who can guarantee Results!

Hi, Bubbles experts, here I go again.

I want an expert who could guarantee results and an ethical developer who wouldn’t charge me for redoing his own mistakes, time for his learning curve, and run away after getting paid for more than his efforts.

I’m wondering why, with each new attempt to address one problem, other parts that were perfectly working are surely breaking! ?
Of course, I’m assuming it’s due to the interconnected nature of the app. == but my question: Can the so-called ‘experts’ not foresee what parts it’d affect after fixing one part?

I’m looking for a skilled, ethical Bubble expert who values customer’s timelines, transparency, and can ensure reliable results.

To expedite the process, you have to be willing to work on Screenshare.
Please I need a skilled Bubbler who GUARANTEES RESULTS and ethical practices.

Please include your fees, public profile, and work samples (not on personal Google sheets) in your response. Please reply to: happyhiko@gmail.com.
Thank you in advance.

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Hello, can you share more datails on what you mean critical app issues?

As I mentioned in my post, I’ve faced challenges where fixing one problem leads to the breakage of previously working parts. While it’s too much to describe here, I’d be happy to provide more details to potential experts. If you believe you have the expertise to guarantee fixing any issues with Bubble, please send me your profile. Thank you very much.

Respectfully, many developers work specific ways. During our email communication you insisted it was 20 minor errors that could be fixed in a few minutes by someone experienced. When asking to either be added as a collaborator or provided a screen recording of your problems you again insisted it was under 20 errors and a screen recording was unnecessary. You wanted a fixed price without providing any details outside of “20 minor errors”

When I explained that that may be the case 1 error can lead to many and giving you a fixed price without ever seeing the app or a screen recording you responded with

While I understand your requirements for working on my app,
I’m sorry but they don’t align with what I’m seeking.
Therefore, I’ll continue my search for a developer.

Again, with absolutely no disrespect. This was back in October, it appears you’ve put a large amount of time into this app. There tend to be 2 types of developers:

1: The ones that will promise, promise, promise just to land the job before ever even understanding your app or structure then things not go well and prices change or run off because they got paid partial or full already.

2: Those that ensure they understand the scope, have seen your app & structure, and understand the problem to give you true expectations. You’ll end up saving money in the long run as I’m sure you’ve seen.

Your reluctance to provide any access or screen recordings or screen shares at the time of your app really tend to cater toward the first kind of developer.

I’d recommend working with developers who tend to work more like the 2nd type of developer even if that means you must put together detailed scope docs, screen recordings, etc. You’ll save yourself time, money, and stress in the long run.


Sure, if the app is well built following best practices and good build decisions, with documentation. Unfortunately, most apps aren’t… when I offer to work on an existing app I’ll often have to tell the client words to the effect of ‘you have a clusterf*** of an app, and I can probably make the bug fixes and small feature requests you need, but I cannot guarantee that these changes won’t create additional issues elsewhere in the app’.

And most developers won’t give you that disclaimer at all.


Thank you for sharing your perspective. I respect that different developers have their preferred ways of working, and I appreciate your insights. I want to clarify that my decision not to proceed was primarily due to our misalignment in communication preferences. I prefer using Telegram, and the preference for WhatsApp and videos didn’t align with my comfort zone.

While I understand the importance of clear communication and providing access to the app, we didn’t reach that stage in our discussions due to the aforementioned misalignment.

It’s obvious we’ve had different expectations. Publicly embarrassing me here isn’t the most constructive way to address our differences. I wish you the best in your future endeavors, and I hope we can both find projects that match our working styles.


Thank you for your candid response. Your honesty about the challenges in working on existing apps is insightful. My app went through heavy cleanup so I feel its DB is well structured.

If I may ask, does this mean even the most skilled and experienced Bubble builders cannot predict the parts affected when fixing one?

For instance, why would a pop-up for registration suddenly stop working after a developer worked on a password pop-up?

Do you believe that most experienced developers cannot guarantee the results of bug fixes?

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They can predict in most case, but the thing is even for prediction, they need to investigate the affect a change will cause which cost time, and most dev prepare cleaning up the mess after the charge this save some time.


They can and do if they build the app themselves. But if we’re tasked with working on an app that isn’t modular, has 100 workflows per page because of a lack of reusable elements, and isn’t documented, how could we guarantee it?

In a good app, it wouldn’t. They might be in entirely different reusable elements to ensure they cannot conflict. If they’re not, an action which sets a state on the page or shows the registration popup could be edited which stops it showing, or a condition that used to show the popup may no longer work.

I promise you he’s not - you kind of did it to yourself with the tone of your original post obviously unsatisfied with the work of some developers without realising that a developer can only be good insofar as you support them and work with them.


Thank you for your insight.

I’m a full stack bubble developer skype: sunny_verma83