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Task: use URL-params to store value in database

Theoreticly I understand how it works, but in fact I have a colored groups to choose the Profile Type:


Groups are hidden until you click the text under. So I need to save the value (what element is visible - group List a room or Find a room) using URL-parameters. I can do it using custom state, but use the URL-params is required, so i’m stuck :frowning:

Some facts:

  • Those groups - required design elements
  • just like condition to use URL-params
  • that’s a sign up form, so I guess there’s no current user?

I have no idea how to make it done :exploding_head:

@mariia.s, you can probably use the action Navigation - Go to page and select the current page,. Next set option “Send more parameters to the page” and add the toggle’s value as a URL parameter, f.i.:

Note, there is always a current user but this user can be logged in or not.

MVP Design

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Yep, sounds good, but I can’t get how to store the value of visibility. There are only group’s width and height

Can you use the logic you used before to set the custom state, to set the value of the key profile-type?

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don’t think so. In my database profile-type field has a text value
The thing is to realize this logic: when group List a room is visible, profile type = ‘Tenant’; when another group is visible (or this one is hidden) - profyle-type = ‘Landlord’
Is it actually possible without using custom states?

It is hard to give specific advice without seeing your setup, but can you not set the profily-type paramater when a certain group or button is pressed?

I finally got it! I was really unattentive, the solution is to send url-parameter ‘profile-type’ to the current page when relevant element is clicked. Thank you a lot @gerbertdelangen

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