URL paramether > show certain hidden group

I’m having a problem pointing a url to a certain group on the same page.

I want the user to browse only on the same page, passing path/parameters to open the information.

I understood that I can manipulate the URLS to make it more beautiful.

My question is the following, I need that, as soon as I determine the URL that will open (sending the slug of the user /user) it makes a certain group visible.

I still don’t understand the correlation between the parameter and the group that will open, I pass the parameters but… how do I define the group? what do I put in it for it to appear with the information of these parameters?

I don’t know if I managed to be clear.

If anyone can contribute with experience, I would greatly appreciate it.

it may not be very clear because I used translator

On the group, you need to have a Conditional that says, When - Get Data From Page URL, where Parameter is ‘user’ and value is the Current User’s Slug, then this Group is visible, and make sure you check the visibility box.

The group needs to be not visible on page load to start with.

Try that and see if that gets the outcome you are after.

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Thank you very much for answering me.

i haven’t tried in weeks and i still understand i’m getting it wrong

I still couldn’t, I did the same procedure, on a new page (to make sure it wasn’t being affected by other settings)

See the prints in order of configuration and preview below.


I found the problem, it is not finding the slug, but it finds the unique ID.

I’ll keep looking for the solution for the slug to work, it makes the URL cleaner.

But it worked the way you instructed me.

Thank you very much!

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