Parameters URL and Keys

I would like help to make a URL parameter request.
On a single page of my site which is displayed with different elements if the URL parameters vary.
Logically, the information present in the input also varies depending on the url.
What is the query that I must write in my input to call the element that I want, here it is content present in my database at the url present in the search bar.
I tried with custom states too, but I don’t think that’s the right solution.

Can you expand a bit on this, what do you mean by ‘call the element you want’?

You shouldnt be using multiple elements for different views (unless the dataType of the input is changing, but even then there are better approaches).
Put the ‘Get data from url’ in a conditional which shows/hides the corresponding groups.
The expression you are putting in the Initial Content of the input will evaluate to a yes/no, which is probably not what you are trying to do.
Can you explain what you are trying to do exactly?

to better explain my problem.
My url after my key varies depending on the person who accesses it, because linked to this URL there are different fields, mainly text.
This is why in this inout I would like to display the field I want. In this case it would be “encrypted_content”.
is that clearer … ? sorry I only speak French.

I tried in conditionals, but it doesn’t work. Is it like that?

If it’s easier for you can write in French and let the forum translate :slight_smile:

Still not super clear sadly. From what i understand, i’m not sure whether using URL parameters in the first place is the best approach. ‘Encrypted content’ in a URL parameter sounds like a bad idea.

What do you mean by fields? Database thing fields?

:sweat_smile: Nope

Forget about URL parameters for a second, and explain the flow that you would like your end-user to go through, and what the page should look like.

Ma page est divisé en deux groupes, le premier groupe est constitué d’input pour créer mon “encrypted_content” et ainsi que des sliderinput pour faire des réglages dessus. Une fois les informations mise, un bouton est cliqué pour créer une entrée dans ma base de données. Ce premier groupe la est mon élément principale, il est vu par tout le monde lorsqu’on est sur mon url de base “”.
Mon deuxieme groupe est consitué d’un input dans le quel est écris les informations crée pour “encrypted_content”.
Ce groupe est visionnée uniquement par les gens qui ont accés a l’URL lié a une entrée de ma base de données.

Ces deux groupes sont sur la meme page mais ne sont pas visible au meme moment et par les mêmes personnes

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So is encrypted content a radomly generated text or is it the Unique ID of your database entry?

A basic approach would be to add a custom state which has the same type as the database entry. Then add a ‘Page is loaded’ workflow, and set the state to a "do a search for’ and search for the entry using Get Encrypted content from page url as a search constraint. Only run this workflow if the Get Encrypted content from page url is not empty.

You can then add a conditional on your two groups:
When Custom state is not empty,
Group A is set to not visible

like this:
Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 14.41.11

You can then use the custom state to show all of your entries data in text elements and other elements by referencing it directly. You generally shouldn’t be displaying all the data in a single input, use multiple.