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US Phone input type to use HTML5 tel input type

Any way we can get added to the list of Content formats?

This way mobile UX would be greatly improved with the phone style keyboard layout.

Similar to the post here Numerical Keypad but I would like to retain the dash formatting of a phone number.

Thank you, and awesome software.

We already use tel for integers on mobile.

Yes, but I would like the phone 1(nnn)-nnn-nnnn format to be displayed as a number is entered as an integer. If i select content format US Phone the display format is correct, but it does not use tel as the input format.

Good point, I’ll add that.


Anyway you could add it to the currency input as well?

not really, because currency need decimals.

I’m using integer right now. The decimals could be set just like the currency field is. That way it auto-completes the decimals as the user types.

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