Use an addition with dynamic data on the element

Hello everyone,

I am creating a clone Twitter but particular. You will understand why I say that.

There are two interfaces:

  1. A normal feed like we can see on X and used by the communication manager.
  2. A feed where another user (A consultant) can indicate the numbers of Likes that he wants to show. So It is totally fake but it is to train de communication manager. Indeed, the Social network communication would be different with 2 likes or 1millions of Likes.
    Till then, I am okay, I did it.

Now I want to create an interaction with the Like system. I saw video with the dynamic but my Clone X is different. Indeed, I want to add+1 or +numbers of Real Likes (For example when the communication push on the heart) and in addition with the numbers that it is indicated.

For exemple:
The consultant who wants to train the communication manager writes a tweets and indicates that the tweet is liked by 23 people.

On the normal feed used by the Communication manager, this last can see the tweet and 23 likes. But he clicks on the heart and there is 24 likes (23+1).

So is it possible to have an addition function or is there another method ?

I hope I am clear, if not I can reformulate :slight_smile:
Thank you so much

Likely another method. Likely there is a data structure of some kind that is used to determine the most up to date values of the number of likes. Most likely the tweet that is created would use dynamic data, but that would be difficult because you don’t know what users will tweet and you don’t have any ability to allow users to tweet using dynamic values, so if a user tweets and writes that something received 23 likes it is likely up to the person who wrote the tweet to update their tweet.

Thank you,

So don’t you think it is possible ?


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