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I created a clone twitter and the feed is with a repeating group. It works but that’s not like X.
Indeed, if you watch X, the tweet could be different size, sometimes 3 words, sometimes 6000 words so a long paragraph.

However with the repeating group all the tweet is in the same time .

How could I adapt the size of the feed depending of the size of the tweet ?
I guess the repeating group is not the right solution ?

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Just make the height of each cell of the repeating group dynamic and its various subcontainers dynamic.

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I’m building an X clone as well! It’s def possible, just don’t set a fixed height for the RG and all subcontainers as @georgecollier mentioned. Also make sure that the min height is small enough to allow for the smallest possible tweet.

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@georgecollier and @alex.esposito.1108 IT WORKS !!!
Thank you so so much !! It was easy but if you don’t it is not! My day starts pretty well!

Also, did you open a popup when the mouse is hovered on the Username (Ex: Alex) ? And we can see some information like Number of following, number of folowers etc ? Check the picture below :

@alex.esposito.1108 Your X is so beautiful! Was not too difficult for the design? The design will be my next step.

Thank again

I haven’t done that yet, but will do that with a group focus, not a popup

Thanks! This was my first time building an app without a template so there were some new challenges and some of them required HTML and CSS. If you’re new to Bubble I would recommend starting with a more simple design.

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Yes I am new, so I am scared to start the design too^^

What do you mean by more simple design?
A more simple design with X or,
A more simple with a different topic/website ?

I want to finish my website with the X clone because I have to give it for my job, how could I do it and in a simple way?

Where did you find the HTML code and the CSS code, from your knowledge or did you find the code somewhere ?
For exemple, I found a CSS code to hide the scrollbar on the feed, and I did it :slight_smile:
Thank you :slight_smile:

Either/both. Depends on your level of comfort. If you’re just now learning about dynamic height, I imagine cloning Twitter will be quite a daunting task. But if you feel like you’re up for it, then keep at it.

The simplest way would be to buy a template. There’s no easy way to clone it manually

It was a combination of previous experience, google searches, and playing around with dev tools

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I will see what will be my strategy to develop it.

Thank you a lot Alex :slight_smile:

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