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Use API response for another API


We’re integrating a service to fetch some details of an individual based on an input parameter X (X is text). To start, we need to use a ‘login’ API of this service, which generates an accessToken and an itemId based on the username & password provided by the service. Using these two parameters, subsequent calls must be made to pass input parameter X, accessToken & itemId.

I am already able to successfully initialize the login API in Bubble. However, now am facing difficulty on how to move forward.
Some questions

  1. How to capture accessToken & itemId, so that they can be used in subsequent calls.
  2. How to pass input parameter X (user input) in the API?


Generally, you can chain actions together like this, where the returned values from one action can feed into the next action. But you probably know this already. :slight_smile:

If you are asking how can you persist values from one API call to be used in another, accessToken sounds like something private that would last longer than a single API call - you need to do this in that database (eg on the User with privacy rules)

If you are wondering how to use the Bubble API connector to get hold of the accessToken (eg from an Oauth authentication - as far as I know you can’t :frowning_face: and this is a common reason to create a plugin.

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