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Use different option set values in Live

So I’m using an option set to list stripe subscription plans for my users. I show a plan name (the option “Display” value), and I’ve create an attribute for each option to store the “Stripe Plan Id”. Works a treat.

Like Bubble, Stripe has two environments available, Test and Live. The test environment allows for different plan configurations to live and hence generates separate Plan IDs for plans in each environment (even if the plans are logically the same from the users perspective).

However, it seems the only way to edit an option set is in the development environment, is this correct? So in actual fact I will need to use (and code for) separate “Test” and “Live” option sets depending on which Bubble environment I am in. I’d prefer to be able to change option sets values in each environment (although I understand the logic to some extent - they are meant to be static once defined).

I was just wondering if anyone has come across this and has a workaround or might be able to prove me wrong?

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