Use Group Focus for Repeating Groups Cell

Hello there!

I have a repeating group, this is one cell:

There is a gear icon on the top right side, below I want to open a group focus with settings. Obviously the group focus should be always placed below the projects gear icon, no matter what cell the user clicks on the icon.

Unfortunately I cannot choose the icon as reference point for the group focus element. I can only choose the whole repeating group.

Any idea why it is not working as expected? As an alternative, I could use a normal invisible group, but that is not the ideal solution.

Thanks in advance!


Make the gear icon a reusable element. Then, from within the reusable element you can show the group focus when the gear icon is clicked. Also, remember to set the reusable element’s data type and pass the repeating group’s datasource to the reusable element’s.



Thanks for trick, it worked!

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