Dropdown from an element in a repeating group

Hi there! I’m trying to enable a group focus element from a dropdown in a repeating group. See screenshot attached.

Essentially I want to be able to have different options that can be performed on that specific repeating group element (ie. modify, delete, etc), but I can’t seem to create a group focus element that is tied to a specific cell inside the RG.

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

Hello -

You can create a reusable element that contains just the icon and a group focus element attached to it. Then, you’ll be able to place the reusable element inside of the repeating group cell. Make sure to set the “type of content” for the reusable to the same type as your repeating group so that you can set the default data source of the reusable on the page level to be “current cell’s thing”

Ah! I didn’t think to make the icon part of the reusable group. This is perfect, and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!