Use local files without uploading to Bubble


What are my options to link local files or browse through files if I don’t want to upload them to Bubble?
I want the users to keep their files on their local machines and use Bubble as an interface. The reason is that the files are sensitive(i.e. legal documents which the users wouldn’t like moved to a cloud).
I want to use something like a dialog window where the user would be able to point to a local folder and select a folder on the local machine to be associated with a thing.



Hi George, hi Bubble community,

This is my first post.

I am looking for this feature too. According to my researches, part of the solution lies with the new File System API and the “Browser-FS-Access” module. Managing files locally is key for most of my customers and I must dedicate some time to this. If some Bubble experts want to dig into this too, they are more than welcome!

I’ll keep you posted of my progresses (if any).


Hi George, @bluecells

I am in the process of releasing a plugin that I am sure will suit your needs. I’ve made a post detailing it’s features here.

It will enable you to do work of any kind of files without sending those files to the server. In other words, it supports viewing local files on your machine.

Hope this helps for you and others in the same situation, keep an ear out for when it gets released.

It will be called “Better Uploader”

Hey @bluecells,

The plugin releases today.

Check it out!

It depends. If you can write a plugin around your use case you can prompt the user to select files by creating an input element in JavaScript. You then have to work with the file handler yourself. You can see an example of local file handling though event callbacks wrapped in Promises in my OpenPGP.js plugin.