Browse local files

Is there a way to browse local files but not actually upload them without the use of a plugin?

The goal would be to allow users to change file names and/or “confirm” that they want to upload the file selected.

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I don’t think you will find a plugin or similar that will allow browsing and renaming local files. This is seen as a serious security issue and is avoided in most modern browsers. Most browsers won’t even allow linking to files on a local storage.

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I have the same request and apparently things are moving concerning security limitations.

According to my researches, part of the solution lies with the new File System API and the “Browser-FS-Access” module (or even the implementation of BrowserFS\n\nBrowserFS).

If someone has some experience in this area, I would be delighted to get some info.

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Hi @hearn.meh , @asm1

I know you want to avoid using a plugin, but I am in the process of releasing a plugin that I am sure will suit your needs. I’ve made a post detailing it’s features here.

It will enable you to do work of any kind of files without sending those files to the server. In other words, it supports viewing local files on your machine.

Hope this helps for you and others in the same situation, keep an ear out for when it gets released.

It will be called “Better Uploader”

Hey @hearn.meh , @asm1 ,

The plugin releases today.