Use tab (keyboard) to skip from one input to the following dropdown

Hi everyone!

Our nonprofit has a quick (I think) question about how to use tab of keyboard to switch from one input to the following dropdown?
The search needs city & state, as well as zip code. When I use tab, it skips the dropdown (state) and go straight to the input (zip code). As what I showed below:

then, I use tab of keyboard:

But I want it to go to the dropdown (state) first, not the input (zip code).

Thank you very much for your time and assistance. We truly appreciate it!

Hey @rtolmach

Make sure your fields are within the same group. In the Elements tree within the Bubble editor you can see if the inputs and dropdown are within the same group. This should then allow you to go from the 1st field City, to the dropdown state and then lastly zip code.


You could additional setup some type of workflow e.g. when this inputs value has changed set focus to…

Thanks, luke2!
But it seems that the fields has already been within the same group (group A)? I cannot find what’s wrong with it. Please go to the page:
Besides, I need to click the dropdown (state) twice to choose the option. That is the second problem I met. Could you please also help me check this problem?
Thank you for your kindness!

Your welcome.

I have had a quick look at the Editor and for some reason you have the dropdown of the state within its own group, that oddly has type of content and data source set? I am not sure if this is intentional?

Anyhow, I’ve copied and re-created below without the group and this is working, you can compare them both to see what I mean (this is on the same editor page/link).



Wow, that’s true! It works now! Thank you so much, luke2!

Hi @luke2, one of our interns traded notes with you above. I just wanted to join in thanking you. BTW, I am a non-tech founder, so let me ask: how did you save and display that little animation? Again, truly appreciate the help!

Hi @rtolmach

Your most welcome.

Sure, the software I used to capture the animated GIF image is called ‘ScreenToGif’, its free and very easy to use in capturing windows or specific areas on a screen and then exporting as a GIF or even video file, but generally I find GIF’s work best as you can drag n drop or paste into Forum posts, emails…

Its available only for Windows OS I believe:

The user interface allows for easy capturing, with the ability to add text, crop, resize, transitions, detailed export settings and more…

There is a Mac alternative, though I haven’t tried or tested:

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Hi @luke
Thanks! Very cool.