The dropdown needs to be clicked twice

Hello, everyone!
Our nonprofit has a question.
My app is used to search schools and the search needs city & state, as well zip code. As you can see below:

When I search by city & state, I need to click the dropdown (state) twice to choose the option. That is the problem.
ps: The options I use are static choices.
You can test it here:
Thank you for your kindness!

Yeah it acts like it has a click to focus action on it or something. Is it inside a group perhaps? It acts like it is initially not clickable and then something intercepts a click OVER it and then it becomes clickable. Could there be a condition on it making it “not clickable”??

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I’m not seeing the same behavior. I click on it, and it just works as I expect.

Latest version of MacOS, latest version of Chrome.

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Thank you, keith! But I remembered that I never set any condition on it to make it not clickable, and the fields are in the same group. Maybe could you please go to the app and see what’s wrong with it? The app:
please do not modify the app.
Besides, I have another problem. I wrote a topic but still never solve this problem. The problem is here: Use tab (keyboard) to skip from one input to the following dropdown

Thank you very much for your kindness. We truly appreciate it!

Hi @keith and @andrewgassen, our intern traded notes with you, above. Thank you both for your help!

Btw, I was just on my iPhone. So iOS safari. There’s something mildly funky there, possibly due to responsive settings. Posting a link to your editor would clear it up.

Where are you seeing the problem?

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