Stop Sign Up from automatically Logging User In


Is it possible to stop the built in Sign The User Up workflow from automatically logging the user in?

Or perhaps is there a way around it?

Maybe add a workflow right after to sign them out?


Thanks for responding.

Unfortunately that breaks my app a bit. Basically I’m building a one page app that has an index group as the “homepage” and a user group for the “user’s account”.

I dont want them to have access to that account until they’ve booked their first service.

Unfortunately, when I create the new user so that I can collect their email to be later used for some Stripe stuff, it automatically signs the user in before they reach the checkout and this can serve as a workaround to avoid that first initial booking fee.

But I think I am currently finding a workaround by connecting the groups to some item that I need the user to have.

I just wanted to know if it were possible.

Sign up from api workflow, iirc it doesnt sign the user in.


You could use the yes/no data type. So when a user signs up it will set them automatically to No then set any pages that you don’t want them to access have a on page load check if user has yes/no then redirect them. Then once they finally book a job set the user to Yes for having booked a job.

Thank you everyone for responding.

@burnsadmin123, I’ve implemented something similar to what you’ve suggested as conditions on the elements that I want to show and not show.

So now, even if a user is logged in, if their last booking item is empty or not empty the element will be visible or not visible. So far it seems to be working.

Thank you all