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User Access to Google Cloud Files

Good day!

I am storing and attempting to re-display image files via their URL (image element points to a URL and displays image to end user) via Google cloud.

These image files need to be fetchable and displayed to end users beyond the limited time allotted for the gsutil URI (i.e. users need access for months/years vs an hour).

Is there a method via Bubble to refresh the URI when a user logs in or accesses a page with their project’s images? I can make the flow work using the authenticated file URL, but only I can see those files, since it is my google cloud storage.

As a secondary measure, I’d need the means to lock down the images only to be seen by users of a given project unless permission is voluntarily given to make them publicly accessible.

Appreciate any tips/advice.

If it matters, I am using the Almighty Drop Zone plugin, not a direct API integration, as some files exceed the Bubble API Connectors 50MB limitation (so file transfer needs to be browser-based).