User admin page

I am building an admin page, so that admin can manage all the users who are using I am building.
I displayed the users and gave all rights to user who is admin but…

  1. Still cannot display user emails apart from mine (no matter the settings).
  2. Cannot adjust user privileges (user rights) for other users.
  3. Cannot send magic links/reset passwords for other users. (got a button and a flow for that).

Do you hivemind, know how to bypass this?
I assume I should be able to create an admin role, that bypasses all - but ex. I cannot allow admin to autobind on user emails for example.

Hello @michal.friedrich

Perhaps this approach may help spark ideas

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Is there a particular reason why you can’t do any of those things (a specific issue/error you’re seeing)?

Or are you just saying you don’t know how?

If the former, then what is the issue? (Have you checked the debugger to see)

If the latter, which parts specifically are you struggling with?


It sounds like a privacy issue. Turn em all off to see if its that. Also make sure you are logged in and you are an admin.

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I already solved that. Thanks everybody.
What’s funny - I am not sure how, but now it works :slight_smile: