User changing group arrangement

Hi, I’ve been working on a proposal generation tool for my clients and I am trying to polish it up a bit. My users can select content from 4 different datatypes to create a proposal. my app pulls that information into a page, which can then export to pdf.
The problem I’m trying to solve is that the order of the content needs to be able to change based off of the RFQ requirements. I’ve been researching how to be able to rearrange content in repeating groups, but since the content tied to each proposal is made up of 4 different datatypes, I don’t think repeating groups can work. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this done?

You could have a secondary table for content “object”. Each content object can have a Proposal ID, and order field, a content type (option set with 4 options?) and 4 pointers to your different data types.
Query this table for your repeating group, you can order the items however you need and pull the data from the correct content object

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