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User complains of constantly getting logged out automatically

User complains of constantly getting logged out automatically.

  • I follow the standard login/logout procedures available in Bubble - nothing fanciful.
  • It’s just this 1 user out of 3000+.
  • He lives in Nigeria, not sure if it’s something to do with his internet
  • He claims he’s only using the app on 1 device
  • Apparently he’s using the app in his office

Has anyone encountered this before? Just want to make sure it’s not related to my app.

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I doubt that this is app related, especially if it’s just one user on one device - my guess would be that it’s related to cookies (either a browser error or his settings). I’d try clearing the cookies and see if it helps. Also (and this may sound obvious) have you checked that he’s not using the browser in incognito mode?

An overeager app blocker could also be the culprit. If the other suggestions don’t work, ask him to disable any blockers for that url.

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Thank you so much. Makes sense - I wouldn’t have thought of these possibilities. Thanks!

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