Auto Log Out, why?

Hey Forum,

My app logs itself out at least once every 2 days, sometimes every day. I was wondering what this could be about and if there is anyway to stop it from doing that.

I have search all over and there are only logout actions based on a button click.

Does anyone know anything about this? Stay logged in is checked. :slight_smile:


Do you login as different users?

No, just me all the way through. :confused:

Is there even a native option for auto log out? Like when the user closes the browser tab and no other browser tabs open with the app, the user is logged out, or maybe when no activity for x minutes?

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So, I kinda remember seeing some security stuff somewhere, but I can’t remember where.

Weird thing happened – I logged in last night, but when I checked this morning, I was logged out. No one else knows my password. I didn’t close the window or the tab or anything

Does your browser allow your website’s cookies? Without cookie permissions the user cannot stay logged on.

This is a Bubble thing. We have no control over how they manage their sessions.

Your best bet is to incorporate your own authentication system so you can control your sessions the way you want.