Subscription based 1on1 private Chat with limited messages possible?

Hey all,

new to Bubble and hoping to get some answers :slight_smile:

I started a new project and got stuck at the main functionality, which would be a 1on1 private chat with one specific person as the “admin” of that chat.

So I would create the account for that admin and people pay a subscription to get access to that person via text, voice, video messages.

Each subscription should give x amount of messages per month.

Has someone suggestions how I can achieve that functionality the fastest? Mainly want to test the idea and see if there is demand.

Thanks in Advance!

Big ask! Look up some of the tutorials for creating a chat app, to see how you would implement that logic. It’s pretty straightforward.

Basically, you’ll want to do something along the lines of creatinga data type: Conversation with the participant users as a field. Then create a data type Message, which has the Conversation as a field. Then the admin user can show a list of all conversations with each user, and an individual user would just see the conversation that has his/her User in it

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