User data display in repeating group

I’m creating an app where users can save and display their real estate property portfolio. Ive created a popup for users to input their property data, and a repeating group to display the data. The data is being saved but it doesn’t want to save to the current logged in user, after that, the data doesn’t want to display on the repeating group. Below are images of workflows and data. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Not sure, but in workflow “make changes to…” you have choosen data type Property to change? If yes, there should be Current User as you want to make changes to it and not to Property.

Here’s what I have done:

I mean, choose “make changes to current user” not “make changes to thing…”

That was a big help, thank you. When I add a house now, it is displayed in the repeating group with the input data but when I input another property, it duplicates the repeating groups into the new property. Do you know how to constantly display the previous displayed properties while being able to add/display new ones?

If you want to have properties one next to the other you need to change numer of rows to for example one and number of columns to for example 4 and then you will have four properties one by one and if there will be more you can add for example an arrow pointing to the right and workflow to it “show next” and also to other arrow pointing to the left “show previous” if you don’t want to display all at once. It is up to you, depending on how you want it to look like. And then should be all new and previous properties visible.

Got it, I want the properties to be listed from the top to the bottom the screen in one line like the picture above. And want so when each property is added, it adds individually to the list at the top. Do I create the workflow similar to your example or another way?

If you want the latest created to be at the top, just choose sort by creation date.

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