Need help displaying user data in repeating group


I am building a closet app that allows users to take pictures of their clothes and save data about each item. Then on their profile they can view all their items and sort them to find what they are looking for.

Current Issue: The repeating group I created doesn’t display closet items that are stored in the database, it will only show new items that have been recently added.

Hi, :wave:t2: which condition do you have in the repeating group ? Can you post a screenshot ?

Do you have privacy rules applied to that“Closet” thing in the privacy data tab?
If yes, can you post an screenshot?

Did you try in the sort by date with “yes” or “no” but not leaving it in blank?

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Hi Juan,

I actually don’t have a condition in the repeating group, just didn’t fully delete one I was experimenting with. When i fully deleted it the repeating now shows the images created by the user(thanks for catching that). Now my issue is that I uploaded data from a spreadsheet directly into a users profile and would like to have that show in their closet, but since it wasn’t “Created By” them I’m not sure what to “do a search” for, any thoughts?

Here’s the privacy rules I currently have.

Not sure what you mean by sort by date with “yes” or “no”.


Hi @ezeitz,

You can create a new field inside your Closet thing called "User", or "Created by User", or the name that you want, and must be Field Type: User (not text)

Then, in the repeating group, you can set a filter constraint like this:
User = Current User

But remember to update the new User field in your `CLOSET’S data. If you don’t have too much records, you can update it manually or use a “Make a change to a list of things” or a recursive workflow to update the field User on your Closet’s “table”.

Also you can upload again your csv with a related field with the thing USER. For example if you have an ID for each user and the the csv have also the ID field, you can pick it to find the User when you upload the csv.

The sort by date was that is empty the field “Descending” :

Hope it works, :smiley:



I forgot to mention to that maybe your privacy rule, could be like this too:

So you will ensure that the current user will see only the records of the Closet that are related to him.

But do first the other updates and test it.
If it works, then add the privacy rules.



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Thank you!!! It is functioning properly now

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You’re welcome :ok_hand:t2:

Hi Juan
I need users to perform a search of their data that they send to a Voucher table, as you can see I have a Repeating Group but I cannot see the records in the Repeating Group view

Repeating Grroup 1

In the following image you can see the Input data form, Voucher table , the privacy rules and Setting columns Repeating Group, please your support to know what I’m doing wrong?

Rules 1 1